Eid Venue Change

Assalamu Aleikum Brothers & Sisters,



As a result of the heavy rain during the last few days, the space intended to be used as parking at Furzton is waterlogged and we will not be able to use it. We will therefore pray Eid at the Masjid on Tuesday 15th  October 2013 @ 09:30 insha Allah.



Being a weekday, the parking spaces in the area are usually full and finding available spaces can be very difficult. The Masjid has a few spaces only, but they will strictly be reserved for disabled parking only. Please don’t attempt to use these spaces. We suggest that those of you who live within a walking distance walk in and as many as possible use public transport. We also suggest that those of you who live far and must drive, try to carpool and pick-up friends & neighbours who live close by in order to reduce the number of cars needing parking in the area. Please do not double park, park on the pavements or block any vehicle or property and allow yourselves enough time to find a suitable space.


schedule iconDue to the high number of worshippers expected to attend for Eid, we will insha Allah utilise all 3 floors of the Masjid. The Sisters will use the front entrance and pray in both halls on the ground floor while the Brothers will use 1st & 2nd floors insha Allah for prayers and use the back door entrance only. Also, The Khutbah will begin straight after the prayers insha Allah as usual so please be seated. if you must leave, please do so quietly without disturbing others.


Finally, the Masjid would like to take the opportunity to wish each and everyone of you and the entire Muslim community Eid Mubarak. May Allah fill your day with joy and baraka. Ameen.



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