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Islamic Education and Da’wa Centre

●Tafsir Al qur’an in English- Every Saturday after Maghrib.
●Tafsir Al Qur’an in Somali- Every Saturday after Asr.
●kitaab FIQU-SUNNAH- Every Saturday after Maghrib.
●The Seerah of our prophet PBUH- Every other Sunday after Maghrib.
●Tawheed lessons- Every Saturday and Sunday after Fajr Salah.
●Kitaab Aadabul Mufrad- Every Monday-thursday after Fajr Salah.


And say: My Lord increase me in knowledge – Qur’an:Surat Taha 20:114

Islamic education is the foundation upon which THE MKICA CIO was built and will always remain firmly at the heart of everything that we do. It is never too late to learn about Islam weather you were born Muslim, have reverted or are just looking to find out more about Islam.

Classes run throughout the week in a variety of community languages including English, Somali, Arabic and Urdu and the Jumma’ (Friday) Khutbah is given in English.  For a full breakdown of our various classes please check out the activities timetable, subscribe to our newsletter and check the site regularly for information on one off seminars and lectures.

All the classes and study circles which take place at Masjid Al-Rawdha are segregated by gender in accordance to Islamic teachings and are open to everybody; they are also free of charge unless otherwise stated.  Our new facilities mean that we are able to offer a more comprehensive curriculum with both long and short courses starting up all the time.  If the class you are looking for is not available at the moment please drop us a line at gro.acikmnull@ofni and we can look into the feasibility of setting it up insha Allah (God willing).

Our organisation is totally dependent upon community funding and receives no fiscal support from outside agencies, be they statutory agencies, commercial funders or other charities so your continued support is vital if we are to continue to provide these much needed services. So please don’t delay and donate today by using the donations page – Jazak Allah kheir (May Allah reward you).

We would like to expand our Da’wa services to include community outreach and are on the hunt for volunteers to help in this process so if Da’wa is your passion please contact us on gro.acikmnull@sreetnulov and register your interest. Alternatively fill-out this online form.

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