Keep Syria Warm

Syrian_refugees3Brothers and sisters, most of you would by now be aware of the crisis in Syria and would have seen the horrific pictures that are being broadcasted on TV during the news. The conditions are very difficult for our brothers and sisters in Syria. Millions are forced to flee their homes and now live under extremely difficult situation in various makeshift camps in and around the bordering countries Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan & Iraq.

The winter is fast approaching and the temperatures usually drop to sub zero in the region and as you can imagine this makes living in these most basic makeshift camps extremely difficult so it is very important that we as Muslims help our brothers & sisters as much as we can while at the same time remembering to include them in our prayers everyday.

There is currently an urgent appeal organised by a number of masjids in the Luton area in association with the Global Aid Project and they have asked that we participate and donate generously in an effort to make life a little bit better for our brothers & sisters during this winter and they are appealing for: Blankets (No Duvets), Winter Clothing & Medicine. The donations can be made as below:

  • Blankets, Winter Clothing & Medicines can be dropped off at any of the drop-off locations listed below along with at least £1 to cover the cost of shipping. No duvets please.
  • Cash donations can be made to AbdulQadir, Uncle Iqbal or the bookstore at Luton Islamic Centre
  • Online donations can also be made at:

There are a number drop off locations open to receive your donations after every prayer and they are listed below:

  1. Luton Islamic Centre, 116 Bury Park Road, LU1 1HE Luton
  2. Al-Jalal Masjid, 314 Biscot Road, LU3  1AZ Luton
  3. Madinah Masjid, 126-130 Oak Road, LU4 8AD Luton

The deadline for the 1st shipment is Saturday 24th October 2013 so please hurry up with donations. For more information please contact: AbdulQadir on Tel: 07951951194

Please donate generously Baraka Allahu Feekum all,


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