Lectures added

Masha Allah since we moved to our new building, we have had a number of visiting sheikhs giving Khutbah and lectures addressing a number of important topics. If like me, you have sometimes wished to have had an opportunity to replay some of the lectures for reflection or you simply couldn’t make it on the day it was held and you wished there was repeat of it wish no more! You now have the opportunity to replay them anytime you wish microphoneon our website thanks to Allah and some forward thinking brothers who have taken the time to record and catalogue them. Alhamdulillah I have been able to sift through them and upload many of them to our website in the past few days. The task is not complete yet and there are some still remaining to be uploaded, but we now have a good number up and ready to be consumed.

The recordings are all audio files and consist of Friday khutbah’s & lectures by a number of sheikhs as well as the tajweed classes given by Sheikh Ahmed during Ramadhan so there’s something for everyone.

There are hours and hours of content so please help yourself and indulge in the wealth of knowledge and wisdom our sheikhs have given us. May Allah (SWT) reward them all for sharing their knowledge with us and may Allah increase our imaan and make us reap the benefits(Ameen).

The content can be streamed from our website’s Media & Events section and you can navigate to them from the top menu or just follow one these 3 links: khutbah’s, lectures & tajweed.

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