Lectures By Sheikh Mohamed Abdi Dahir

Al-Rawdha is pleased to present a lecture by Sheikh Mohammad Abdi Dahir who is a visiting sheik from Cardiff to first deliver Friday’s khutbah and then deliver two lectures as below:

Friday 14th February 2014Allah Islamic Art
Time: After Maghrib @ 17:30
Topic: Usuusha Diinteena Aan Ku Sugnaano (In Somali)
Venue: 401 Al-Rawdha

And Then Again The Same lecture in English on:

Saturday 15th February 2014
Time: After Maghrib @ 17:30
Topic: Let’s stick to the fundamentals of our religion ( In English)
Venue: 401 Al-Rawdha

This lectures are open to all, brothers and sisters, Muslims and non-Muslims, young and old. Please come early so as not to disturb the lecture once it has started. We look forward to seeing you there insha Allah.

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