Eid Report

This EID was undoubtedly the best EID ever held in Milton Keynes. It was the 1st EID to be prayed in an open field as per the Sunnah of the prophet (PBUH) in Milton Keynes. Because our intention was to please Allah (SW) by following the Sunnah, Allah has blessed us with good weather on the day so that we could pray in the open park and have a wonderful outdoors sermon.

A lot of effort and planning went into organising the event. The volunteers did a superb job and spent days preparing for the big day. May Allah (SW) accept their efforts and reward them abundantly.

It was estimated that between 600 to 1000 worshipers came for EID prayers that day and they were all fantastic. Everyone was jovial, well-behaved and cooperated with the volunteers.

One text message that touched us was from an elderly brother who said “The Taraweeh and Eid Salats were the best ever I had the pleasure of taking part in, in the 50 odd years i have lived in the UK, Alhamdulillah“.

We would like to extend special thanks to Thames Valley Police who attended the event represented by Community and Diversity Officer (CaDO) Mr Nick Cummings, Jessica and other Officers who all helped us immensely with the event and we would like to thank them all for their invaluable contribution. Similarly, we would like to thank The Parks Trust for giving us the space for the event. We are indeed very grateful to them all and look forward to working with them in the future.

Based on the feedback & reports we have been getting from everyone in the community, we have been encouraged to arrange similar events for EIDs in the future and planning for the next EID in the Park event has already started and we will insha Allah build on the experience we gained from this event and aim to have bigger and better events insha Allah with your continued support.

Finally, we would like to share with you this short video report taken from the event. It is already found on Masjid Al-Rawdha’s YouTube channel along with many other videos. If you haven’t already visited the channel, please do so as we plan to add more videos in the days and weeks to come insha Allah. The link to our YouTube channel and other social media profiles are found at the bottom of the website. Your feedback, suggestions and overall participation through these channels is always welcome. Jazakum Allah kheir.

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