Dr Khalid Khan

Al-Rawdha is proud to present a lecture by Dr Khalid Khan who is an Imaam from South London and a prominent speaker and a lecturer that regularly features as a presenter of IslamiQA on Islam Channel…

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Lectures added

Masha Allah since we moved to our new building, we have had a number of visiting sheikhs giving Khutbah and lectures addressing a number of important topics. If like me, you have sometimes wished to have had an opportunity to replay some…

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Girls Fun Event

A fun packed Islamic event for girls including a graffiti session delivered by female professionals and a talk about the importance of Salah is planned to take place at the Masjid on Tuesday 27th August 2013 between 13:00-16:00 insha Allah

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Thorpe Park Trip

The Masjid’s youth arm (MKICA Youth Club) is pleased to announce that a fun packed day trip is planned to take place to the ever popular Thorpe Park. This trip is for the boys only and has limited positions. There are only 30 places up for grabs on….

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Eid Report

This EID was undoubtedly the best EID ever held in Milton Keynes. It was the 1st EID to be prayed in an open field as per the Sunnah of the prophet (PBUH) in Milton Keynes. Because our intention was to please Allah (SW) by following the Sunnah

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