Eid Salah at the Masjid

Very limited spaces (only for brothers ages 12 or above)

First come first served

The current social distancing rules, in the masjid, still apply.

1st Jama’ah: Doors open: 7:00am Salah starts: 7:30am

2nd Jama’ah: Doors open: 8:00am Salah starts: 8:30am

An announcement will be made on whether Eid will be Wednesday 12th or Thursday …

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Jumma Salah Times

1st Jama’ah: Doors open: 12:30pm Khutbah starts: 13:00pm

2nd Jama’ah: Doors open: 13:45pm Khutbah starts: 14:00pm

Jumma Salah Times

Friday Jumu’ah Prayer Times

1st Jama’ah: Doors open: 11:40am Khutbah starts: 12:15pm

2nd Jama’ah: Doors open: 13:00pm Khutbah starts: 13:15pm

Jumma Salah Times

From 1st January 2021

1st Jama’ah: Doors open: 11:30am Khutbah starts: 12:10pm

2nd Jama’ah: Doors open: 12:50pm Khutbah starts: 13:10pm

Jumma Salah

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