Football Tryouts

After much popular demand Al-Rawdha is launching its very own football club! We will be fielding an Under 13’s (moving into year nine in the new school year) and an Under 16’s (going into year 11) team to start off with. In sha Allah we will be able to expand on the number of teams each

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Website Revamped

Assalamu Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu and welcome to our revamped and revitalised website! May Allah subhanuhu wa ta’ala reward all those who gave their time, effort and energy into helping us craft this new look website insha Allah. Over time it is our sincerest hope that

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We Have Moved

Now that we have fully transitioned into our new premises, all the madrassa’s and adult circles have restarted or are just about to re-open. For more information please see the new activities timetable. The Masjid is open seven days a week and the doors open an hour before fajr salah every day and close

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Volunteers Needed

It is that time of the year again so we are recruiting volunteer fundraisers. Not only is this a great opportunity for all of those people who want to contribute towards the Masjid it is also the perfect opportunity to get to know new people who want to contribute towards the Masjid it is also the

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