Eid Ul-Adha 2014

Brothers & Sisters, Eid Ul Adha will Insha Allah be on Saturday 4th October 2014. Once again, we will Insha Allah pray Eid outside in accordance with the Sunnah of the prophet (PBUH). The venue is the open field park near Furzton Lake (Same location as Eid Ul Fitr).


directions_iconMap & Directions

The park is situated in Furzton along the V4 Watling Street and is on the opposite side of The Bowl. There are two green fields; the larger one will be used as a car parking while the smaller field will be used as a musalla for the day. As usual, there will be volunteers wearing high vis jackets to receive you and guide you when you arrive at the venue. Please show them your respect and gratitude and co-operate with them insha Allah. If you can spare some time and wish to volunteer for the day event, please register your interest by getting in touch in advance using this web form. One of the organising committee members will get in touch with you insha Allah soon.

Map of the area is shown below:

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schedule iconSchedule

The Park is open and the volunteers will arrive early insha Allah ahead of everyone else. The prayers will start at 09:30 to allow the morning rush hour traffic to pass and for the congestion in the area to be a little bit better by that time insha Allah. Also, to reduce the risk of accidents, congestion and to avoid blocking the road, it has been decided that vehicle entrance into the park will only be allowed for vehicles coming from the south to turn left into the park so if you are coming from the north (meaning the park entrance is on your right hand side) please proceed to the Elfield Park Roundabout and come back on the V4 Watling Street again heading north so that the Park entrance is on your left hand and enter that way. This will eliminate some of the traffic problems we had last time insha Allah. Similarly, when leaving the park after the Eid prayer, pleaseturn left immediately on the V4 Watling Street regardless of your destination for the same reasons mentioned above. Please see the map below showing this:


Takbir: It is Sunnah to start saying the Eid Takbir from the moment you leave your house and continue to do so throughout until the sermon finishes insha Allah. Please follow this link if you are unfamiliar with the Takbir and need to learn it. It may be beneficial to print it out and bring it with you as a reminder to yourself. To listen to an audio version please click here.



Parking will be on the larger field. There should be enough parking spaces insha Allah, but please follow the instructions of our volunteering brothers who will try to manage the space efficiently and in accordance with the health & safety regulations. The spaces nearest to the musalla are reserved for the disabled, elderly and people who have mobility difficulties only. Please speak to one of the volunteers if you need these spaces.


microphoneKhutba (The Sermon)

The Eid sermon (Khutbah) commences immediately after the Eid prayer so please be seated and stay in your places until it finishes and once again please follow the instructions of our volunteers insha Allah for a smooth departure from the park and follow the one way system all the way through.


reminderWhat to Bring

As the ground is likely to be moist at this time of the year. We will insha Allah lay heavy duty and waterproof plastic sheets on the ground to protect the congregation against sitting on a wet surface. But please bring with you a sajjadah/musalla (prayer mat) insha Allah. If you have a spare one, please bring it for a brother or a sister who might have forgotten to bring theirs. Please note that there are no toilets and facilities for wudhu (ablution) at the park so please make your wudhu before arrival. Please also check the weather conditions in the morning prior to leaving your house and wear suitable clothes for the weather conditions on the day. The event is expected to last for about an hour insha Allah.


cloud.rainIn Case of rain

The weather has been good so far this autumn and remained remarkably mild for this time of the year. We hope and pray that it will remain so on the day of Eid insha Allah. If however, the weather changes and it is raining on the day, then we have a backup plan to use the Masjid as a backup venue insha Allah. Please note however that the prayers will start at 09:00 (30 minutes earlier than if we pray at the park). If the venue changes due to whether, messages will be sent via My Mosque mobile App and via regular SMS as soon as possible. Please download this free App from the Google Play market if you have an Android phone and from the App Store if you own an iPhone and subscribe to Masjid Al-Rawdha to receive the messages.

Barakallahu feekum and may Allah reward you plenty for all your good deeds and forgive your sins. Wishing each and everyone of you Eid Mubarak.

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