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Bismillahi Ar-Rahmani Ar-Raheem

All praise and thanks be to Allah (S.W.T.) for the blessings that He bestowed upon us in our endeavour to establish this Masjid. It is through his blessings that we have been able to acquire and move into a, three storey, ten thousand sq ft building in the heart of Milton Keynes.  The building has full wudhu (Ablution) facilities for both brothers and sisters, two segregated prayer halls and a youth club. It is also fully accessible for those with mobility difficulties so the next time you are in town why don’t you stop by?

Now that we have fully transitioned into our new premises, all the madrassas and adult circles have restarted or are just about to re-open.  For more information please see the new activities timetable. The Masjid is open seven days a week and the doors open an hour before fajr salah every day and close after Isha salah (except during Ramadhan).

Masjid_Al-RawdhaIn reality, this project did not start with the purchase of this building, it started nearly a decade ago when the founders of the Milton Keynes Islamic & Cultural Association came together to work for the betterment of all the Muslims in Milton Keynes.  I would like to thank all the members of the committee for what they have accomplished because as the prophet (pbuh) said in an authentic hadith reported by Imam At-Tirmithi and Abu-Da’ud, Whosoever does not thank people, he does not thank Allah.”

I ask Allah (S.W.T.) to bless us with sincerity in our sayings and actions and to compensate us generously for our effort in this life and in the Hereafter. I also thank everyone who contributed to this project in idea, word, action, I especially want to thank those brothers and sisters who donated generously of their money and who are still donating today.

The prophet (pbuh) told us in a hadith reported by Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim, “Whosoever builds for Allah a Masjid, Allah will reward him similar to it in paradise. This is the greatest news for a winning investment that is guaranteed by Allah (S.W.T.).

We have now entered the third and final stage of fundraising as we need a to pay the last instalment of £180,000 in December and your continued support and generosity will be much appreciated.

Update: Alhamdulillah, we have managed to raise the money required to settle the outstanding debt of the masjid in full. All praise be to Allah for making this possible.

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