In line with the Government’s current advice and in consultation with an expert in Infectious Diseases, the Management of Al-Rawdha has decided the following.

  • The Masjid will remain open for prayers and madrasa for now. This will be reviewed based on any new development, updated Government guidance and legislation expected in the days to come.
  •  All elderly and those with chronic health conditions (e.g. Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease) should not attend the mosque for prayers (including Friday prayers) and should instead perform all their prayers at home.
  •  Anyone with NEW persistent cough and/or fever should not attend the Masjid and should self-isolate at home instead.
  • The Masjid will continue with the additional cleaning and hygiene regime put in place since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

We therefore request the congregation to adhere to the above and also continue to implement all the safety and hygiene guidance given by Public Health England.

By Management – AL RAWDHA

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